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Therapeutic Massage   

45min  $55.00        60min  $75.00        90min  $95.00      

  Therapeutic Clinical Massage is targeted toward structural, overuse and repetitive stress injuries. It combines a variety of techniques including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Body Mobilization and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It addresses specific conditions, such as back or neck pain, muscle injury, fibromyalgia, impinged nerve and tendon inflammation.

Deep -Tissue Massage 

45min  $55.00        60min  $75.00        90min  $95.00     

  With its slow deep strokes, Deep Tissue Massage is the likely treatment of choice, if you prefer stronger pressure, a feeling of "good pain" and lightness in your entire body after the session.

Swedish Massage  

45min  $55.00         60min  $70.00        90min  $90.00

  Besides simply being a great way to relax, Swedish Massage is an essential part of preventive health care program and is used as a part of a treatment plan to maintain and support healthy functioning of  the musculoskeletal system.


   Please, provide 24 hours notice before canceling an appointment. We understand -things happen, but if it becomes a pattern we reserve the right to require payment prior to scheduling appointments.

    In the event of a no show (missing an appointment without calling) we reserve the right to bill for 50% of the service time and can refuse to schedule further appointments. 

    Since we are aware of the potential traffic, if you arrive late, we will still try to provide your full visit whenever time permits. However, we may only have time to see you for the remainder of your scheduled time.

    In the event of a bounced check or denied credit card transaction the amount owed (plus a $25 fee) is expected by alternative payment as soon as possible. New appointments will not be scheduled while owing a balance.

Pain Management 

6 sessions  $380.00          

  This Wellness Plan consists of six Therapeutic Massage treatments targeted to relieve and eventually eliminate existing pain associated with chronic or acute conditions of specific muscles or connective tissue. 

Packages/Wellness Plans

6 sessions  $400.00          

  Restoration Wellness Plan is targeted toward more general conditions of the muscles in the entire body. It insures healthy functioning of the musculoskeletal system by restoring its integrity and balance.


6 sessions  $380.00        12 sessions  $680.00          

  This package is a customized combination of Therapeutic and Swedish Massage treatments based on your specific needs at any particular time. It effectively maintains and stabilizes results obtained from other Wellness Plans.

Acupressure Therapy/ Yoga Nail Bed Simulator

30min  $15.00        60min  $30.00      

  Acupressure treatment works on skin receptors, reflex zones and acupressure points. It causes powerful redistribution of energy, softens and releases tension in muscle tissue and helps to remove trigger points.